Who We Are:

Bayshore Car & Foundry is a new supplier of high-quality, O-Scale streamline passenger cars - finely crafted in brass with subtle, photo-etched detailing. Founded by O Scalers for O Scalers, BC&F combines the manufacturing talents of an autocad and stereo lithography expert with the authenticity of a noted rail historian and restoration specialist to produce the most accurate and detailed passenger car models made and sold in the USA.

Initial Offerings:

A series of pre-WWII, Pullman smooth-sided sleeping cars with various underbody equipment arrangements featuring – for the first time ever - an accurate Rich Yoder model of the 41-HR-11 4-wheel truck.

Available As:

*  Fully assembled with all details specific to prototype
Partially assembled with minimal detail
*  Fully assembled, accurately detailed, painted & lettered
*  Unassembled kits

Pullman Plan #4068H Pullman Plan #4068H
18 Roomette, Built 12/38, PRR, NYC, & others
Pullman Plan #4069D
4-4-2 Sleeper, Built 4/40, SP, PRR, NYC, IC, CN
Pullman Plan #4069D
Pullman Plan #4071D Pullman Plan #4071D
13 Bedroom, Built 3/41, SP, PRR, NYC, & others
Pullman Plan #4072 C&E
10-5 Sleeper, Built 3/41, SP, PRR, NYC & others
Pullman Plan #4072
Pullman Plan #4099 Pullman Plan #4099
6-6-4 Sleeper, Built 4/42, SP, UP, CRI & P
Model Car Features Unique Benefits
Photo-etched, one-piece formed brass bodies More realistic, seamless appearance
Lightweight construction (<2lbs with trucks) Needs less power to pull
Detailed, all-brass, soldered underframe components Durable, historically accurate construction
Lost wax castings designed and mastered by Pacific Locomotive Works Historically accurate, ultra-fine detail
Fully detailed car ends based on authentic car builder drawings Unique level of prototype detail not previously available
Working full-width and narrow-width diaphragms Realistic car action not previously available
Z channels for fool-proof glazing attachment Indestructible window construction
Couplers mounted to frame, not body Stronger coupler attachment
Electrically isolated Delrin body bolsters Eliminates risk of electric shorts

BC&F has access prototype drawings for over 100 Pullman Built cars in its current library, and access to hundreds more. Watch for more product offerings as they roll off the line!

For more information or to place a reservation for an order, contact:
Mike Mangini (650) 363-2472 or email at
Bill Brisko (408) 241-6204 or email at

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